As a family of four, we spent four years living in the jungles of East Africa, on the Uganda/ Congo border.  Our two older bio kids grew up without vacuums or escalators running barefoot, climbing mango trees, killing snakes, and learning to speak bits of a tribal language.

A few years later, back in American again, we immersed ourselves in a different culture as we adopted two preteens from China and learned to think, speak and live two cultures and languages in one American home.  We are a bilingual family, although some of us are certainly more literate in English while others are fluent in Mandarin.

Culture and the norms of society touch and effect us on so many levels as white American parents to Asian immigrant children, as friends to the poor in rural Africa, and as intrepid observers of current societal changes in respect to how America responds to race and sexuality.

This is a space to write those thoughts and create a conversation with and about other humans, our cultures, and the societies we choose to create.  I hope you’ll join me here!

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