Women of Mention

After a morning in the healing rooms, I came back to my favorite place: home with my family.  We made a simple potato cheddar soup and then settled in to watch a special library movie:  Mrs. Potter.  And what a delight!  Mrs. Potter is the story of Beatrix Potter, famous for her Peter Rabbit stories . . . . . a woman who broke the rules of her day to follow her heart and her passions – and who made history because of it.  The movie is child-friendly, full of art and sketching (magical!) and the beautiful hills of England.  It is a new top 10 favorite!

Little Women is another of my favorite films; and Louisa May Alcott was similar to Beatrix Potter in many ways.  A woman who defied cultural expectations and propriety (of the day) to fulfill her destiny.  I think we are all grateful.

I am always awed and encouraged by these stories.  I too carry a call to rattle the comfortable and to create beauty and inspire new perspectives.    And I am so blessed to have real life friends who do the same . . . . who push their passions till they become fruitful work and who live the lives they were meant to.  Lives not meant to be merely dreamed but to be engaged in!    Mothering is a high calling and we are blessed women to be living in a day and place when mothering is only enhanced by the pursuit of our talents.  When we do not have to spend our days hauling water or running a sewing machine in a factory.  When we do not have to churn our own butter or milk our own cows (unless of course, it delights our hearts and benefits the world to do so!)

My friend Becca, mother of three small active children, inspired me today with her new incredible art.   I think the world is about to be stunned by her talent.  And I am proud of us women.  Proud of our calling as beauty-bringers, as life bringers.  We mother many things, with grace.

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  1. Annalise,
    Thank you for the beautiful compliment. Often as I create my art I pray that God will use it to bring beauty into the lives of others. Knowing that it inspires you brings joy to my spirit. Thank you for being a amazing woman that you are!

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