With thanks, to the teachers.

We’re a bit of a unique family.  As school supply sales rage and lunch box posts fill my face book feed, we are in full blown back-to-school mode for our kids.  At the same time, with a daddy that currently teaches high school we’re also in major back-to-school-mode professionally as we support his transition to teaching at a new school and in a new subject.

That opportunity to support David is a real gift for my children.  They’re seeing how hard teachers work, up-close and personal.  As other kids debated what to wear for the first day of school, we pulled our kids in to help David with last minute class room details.  They watch their dad craft seating charts, hear him debate how best to help kids feel powerful while also giving them safe boundaries.  They live the reality of how students can break their teacher’s hearts and they know without question how much most teachers really care. They know that cell phone policies are hard to choose and even harder to enforce, that teachers want them to talk but worry about how much some of them do.

So this is just to say thank you to our teachers.  Especially to my kids’ teachers.  We know how hard you work, we know how often nobody notices.  We see you.  We appreciate you. Thank you for teaching our children, for grading their work, for cleaning their classrooms and putting up with their moods. Thank you for talking and listening and being a role model. It takes a village to raise really good kids. Thank you for being part of our village.

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