William Sutherland Pierce

David called him Pop

And always greeted him fondly

with a gentle slap to the arm, and a hug.

They shared a love of comedy

and good books

and a woman

named Mim.

I knew him as

Bill, an old-fashioned gentleman

who was ahead of his times

Always well dressed and well read.

Always with rapscallion’s twinkle

in his eyes.

I remember him;

with hat at dapper angle

glancing up at me

His inner life rich

with brilliant details

and yet sureally superficial too.

Like father, like son.

He had a loyalty to family.

An eye for quality

(I’ll never forget that he spoke for me;

approved me in their living room

these 13 years ago)

He had the heart of a king

an aristocrat

And he seemed always to know

that his wife was priceless

a treasure

and he the lucky finder

He had a tender way with her

a dependence

that belayed his usual independence

and showed us another glimpse of his heart

Sitting near him

You could feel his intelligence

radiating out from him

a quiet intensity

which he needed not to share

His words were often few

but striking when they came

He could bring down the house

with a short sentence

spoken in perfect timing

(once again, I see David)

He respected you

or didn’t


and he was often right

He knew good food

and restaurants

good books

and good design

he shared his life with many

good people

and we call ourselves blessed

to be among them.

Daddy to my husband.

I honor your life.

You move in heavenly places now

all your body restored

just how and where a kingly aristocrat

like yourself

ought to be.

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