When a child doesn’t know . . . what to do

When our car breaks down 2/3 of the way across country and seems irreparable . . . what to do??

When we hear terrible things about our planned area of ministry . . . what to do??

When friends or relation just can’t feel comfortable with our life choices . . . what to do??

When finding a home to live in is harder than we knew it would be . . . . what to do??

We’ve been given lots of faith-chances recently; new opportunities to trust.  And new opportunities to explore what faith looks like and how it might work hand in hand with effort, prayer, and research.   I struggle with that sometimes; knowing how wise counsel, hard work, and faith might come together.  What it might mean when we face hard things.  We can’t point the finger at Satan omnipotently.  Neither can we accuse God of somehow “sharpening” us through difficulties.  The truth is, oftentimes, we just don’t know the why of the what.  The Who.  Or When it will end.  Many times I don’t know much.  And sometimes I blame myself for not knowing.  Blame myself for not finding the answers.  For maybe not asking hard enough.  Or listening well enough.  Or seeing the signs. Or reading the Book.

But what am I to God?? What is He to me??

He is Daddy/Father/Abba/Babba . . . . . and I am child.   And therein lies the answer to my struggling, doesn’t it?  If He is Daddy and I am little girl then what he expects of me is what a good parent expects of their child.  Not more research. Not better asking or hearing.  Not listening to friends opinions and then deciding what to do.  No.  What do I expect of my little girl?  I expect TRUST.  I expect her to learn and grown and try and try again and ask and listen and be in community.  But I expect her to do all of that out of the soil of trust that I hope I have planted her in.  All I REALLY want from her is to trust me and my heart for her.

Prayer is Good.  Wise counsel is great.  Research and planning are often important.  But TRUST . . . . trust is the soil we must be planted in.  It is the air we must breath.  It is the water we must drink.  Trust is knowing that He knows.  It is planning around His plans.  It is listening as hard as we can to what He speaks because His voice is life.

Trust.  Him.  Only.

That’s my job today.  And always.

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