Warriors of Love

“And your banner over me is LOVE . . . . “

Song of Songs 2:4

Today is the day when fighting brought freedom. We celebrate the freedom . . . and we try to forget the fighting. The cost, so heavy. Their fight is sometimes more than our freedom can bear. I watch Act of Valor and I am stunned at the one act – the valiant act of one SEAL who lays down his life for his comrades. Messiah mirror. I read Hunger Games and I reel at the reality of war, the reality of life for child soldiers worldwide. War never ends for many . . . it is relived in dreams and memories as long as life lingers. I raise a warrior . . . . He plays, barefoot all day, at strategy, hunting and hiding, weapon using and conquering of evil. He is training for the work of his life. A great work; and a terrible one.

War is everywhere . . . . the battle real. His goodness and mercy chases us down and yet evil is here, all around us. But His banner over us is love. I stand in a huge people group among the many in the world. Each of us tribes carries sign of our identification, of which team we fight for. And the banner, the colors, the flag, the identification over US . . . is LOVE. We are, somehow, called to be freedom fighters, warriors in a very real war . . . . and yet covered by, bathed in, transformed with, known as . . . . . LOVE.

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  1. YES!! This is our banner. We Americans are known for foolish generosity and pouring out our possessions to be a blessing to others. Not the only thing we are known for, but the best thing. It is certainly what our Lord called/calls us to. Thank you for the reminder.

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