Unwrapping Enigma

David seems eerily knowable sometimes.  Predictable.  Steady, even-keel, loyal, safe.

He is the balance to my flight.

Yet David is an enigma that I continue to unwrap.

A remarkably smart kid, David  didn’t bother to apply to colleges in time.   He ended up at University of Rochester where he didn’t take time to attend his university classes.   David was a cautious and fearful child who nevertheless chose to go  Navy ROTC.  Once graduated, he went into the submarine force, not really your typical “safe” job, even in the Navy.   This kind, considerate, gentleman  had never had a real girlfriend until he began courting a young lady half his age.  He married her when she was only eighteen; risking his comfortable and well-padded life on her immaturity and naivety. (yes, me)  After twenty-three years in the Navy working in submarines, acquisition and teaching he left behind both the Navy and multiple lucrative and rewarding  job offers to head to the bush in Africa.  This is a man who is often frustrated and annoyed by young people; so of course he went to run a high school.  Now back from the bush, he once again passes up good jobs for going back to school.  A school without accreditation.  A place light years from our past experiences.  A total unknown leap of faith.  This is the path that the reliable, predictable, steady David chooses.

I’d like to think I’m rubbing off on him but I think his life makes it clear that this has always been his story, even before me. Safety leaping into danger.  Predictability swinging into the unknown.  Caution meeting Calling.

I’m blessed to watch the unwrapping, the unveiling, of an enigma.  His mystery points to His mystery.  The enigmatic David looks up to His Enigmatic Father.  And I look on, awed.

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