I have always wanted a typewriter. A little yellow portable fully manual one to be exact. I don’t even know if such a typewriter exists or has ever existed. But nevertheless it is something that sits, gracefully, in the dream studio of my heart.

I even put “typewriter” on my dreams list just for fun.

And today, as I stopped at a yard sale just ’round the corner for 24 mason jars at 10 cents each (beautiful old ones with gorgeous designs and letterings!) I found another Treasure.

A beautiful little Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven typewriter. Definitely not yellow but fully manual and pretty portable for an item made mostly of metal! Two dollars later and I had carried it home, inspired by this mom to introduce the typewriter to my kids as part of their everyday enjoyment. This is SO my style!

And so this afternoon turned into an extraordinary writing time . . . . and as I type I can hear the heavy keys CLUNK-ing from where Quinn is tucked undercovers with the Remington on his lap, still typing . . . . .

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