This is summer

Summer is late waking mornings.

Catching the early breezes,

before we must close everything tight

for the heat of the day

Summer is watching Wimbledon on the couch

a jumble of arms and legs and hearts

so glad to be lazy.

Summer is a lot of whining

crying, regression, and searching for boundaries

because they feel so different than they usually do.

Summer is not enough time for me to think, or write, or be

the beautiful not-enoughness of constancy with my children.

Summer is the calm before the storm

of our lion-man Yun’s arrival.

It’s when I feel all the grace for what is to come

and when I feel afraid too.

Summer is all blistering heat and lukewarm swimming

it’s water balloon fights and so many friends

it’s forgetting appointments and the calendar

it’s losing track of time.

This summer is ukulele lessons for all

and new swimming experiences galore

It’s the summer when everyone finally learns to really type

and when we all grow in our language learning

It’s stand up paddleboarding, kayaks and sailboats

And it’s Minecraft too and Hay Day and Battle Bears

and so many beautiful international films

It’s making mug cakes and angel hair butter pasta and indian food

This summer reminds me of how very beautiful

my life is

And also of how much I fail in the everyday.

This summer I touch heaven

and I touch my humanity.

This summer is all the heart ache of

family dysfunction

and all the beauty of family harmony

This is our summer

Summer, 2015.






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