things I love . . . .

I stumbled across this blog which brought wonderful beauty to my eyes and soul . . . . oh how I love beauty!  Geninne lives in Mexico in a house her husband built in the hills, surrounded by beautiful wildlife and with a gorgeous color-drenched town nearby.  Her prints of birds, ferns, leaves and feathers are amazing.  Her hand-made rubber stamps are delightful and her videos of herself creating the art are inspiring. Naomi and I watched one last night then immediately began collecting bits and pieces to draw and sketching feathers and separating our colors into rainbow cups . .. . .she just has that effect!

I love her simple, sun-filled house of beauty, the incredible colors of Mexico (at least her bit of it!), and the nature-filled art.  She has some wonderful verses on some of her art too and home schools her two boys.  Ive added some time living in the hills of Mexico to my dream list!

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