the joy of good things

Much as I don’t like the commercialism of Christmas I do love the abundance that can come out of this time of year.

As I lovingly accumulate special cards and gifts and notes for treasured ones, I am blessed.  The pile “to give” under our tree grows and it is like that satisfied feeling when you come home from the grocery store, wallet lighter but cupboards full.  Provision.

And I receive; a sweet little bag on the front door with my name TYPED to maintain anonymity (I LOVE IT!), a huge package of goodies and astonishingly large check in the mail,  a stocking delivered to my front door and filled with delights, cards from new faces gifting beautiful words, dinner cooked for me and brought to my door last night (amazing!),  a care package from our dear friends the Schell Care Group, who have not yet gotten used to us being well-fed Americans instead of hungry African missionaries (oh thank you dear ones!). . . . as I receive I am also so blessed.

Tis the season of Joy.   And why should it end?  This is what my heart says . . . . Pass it forward, keep it going, what could be more like Jesus than to simple open our hands to bless with what we have then open them again to receive.

That’s my plan.

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