The biggest gift

We send David off alone . . . . into a rainy night of flights across wide country to our east-coast roots.

He goes to be re-united with family; as is supposed to happen in Jubilee year.

They need him now; when body slows and hearts ache.

He needs them.  When all the long-ago memories stir and all the right-now love and hopes bloom.

They will touch; hearts and bodies.  And all the “re’s” will happen.

Redemption.  Renewal.  Resolution.  Revelation.

Naomi and Quinn cry in the car on the way back to quiet home without Daddy for a whole week.

We are a tight family; we live close and we are blessed to not know this feeling of separation often.

These will be our longest days apart in our twelve years together.

Yet, Naomi offers, we are “giving the biggest gift” to our BB and GG.  Offering back their son; freeing him to be another part of what he is.

Firstborn child.

Cherished and cherisher.

He was first their gift.

Now we re-gift him.

With love.

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