Summer indulgence

I’m a hedonist at heart.

Or at least I believe in living each part of each day to it’s best.

I like to suck the marrow out of life.

Even when it means sucking the murram.•

So even though I am constantly moving towards healthier and more environmentally friendly foods, I still love my coffee. I buy it sustainably produced, fair trade. And it’s SO good.

In the summertime it’s even better as iced coffee. I discovered this recipe and I’ve been indulging in it daily since. I drink it in the late afternoon when I am starting to drag. Suddenly the whole world brightens!

Yes, I know. Simple things for simple girls.

The recipe can be simplified even more (I may be a hedonist but I am a lazy one!) I simply make a batch of strongish coffee in my French press in the morning, enough for my morning mug of hot coffee plus another cup’s worth. In the afternoon I pour it into a tall glass, add another cup of cold filtered water and ice and about a Tablespoon of sweetened condense milk (I know, sinful) or to taste. Sublime!

Try it.

•the term sucking the murram was originated by Quinn who misheard/reinvented my common refrain to “suck the marrow out of life, kids! Come on, let’s do life all the way!” Murram is the clay mud the Ugandan roads are coated in and it was much more of a contextually known and appropriate word to Quinn than marrow! It adds kind of an interesting twist to the phrase, don’t you think? Sucking the murram out of life has become slang in our lives for living to the hilt, full-on come what may, even in the muddy places of life.

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