Slice of life

I have oodles to write and tell, much humming go on in the brain.  But for now, a little slice of life . . .

Tonight’s dinner was a delicious rotisserie chicken from Costco; shot through, no doubt,with hormones, but cheap, easy and it fed all six of us beautifully alongside the all-organic salad with homemade croutons and dressing I tossed up.  It was really delightful food and I loved how few dishes there were!

My theme for this year (at least at the moment, I don’t work well a-year-at-a-time in fact I often struggle with a day-at-a-time!) is CELEBRATION and much of that for me, focuses around home and table.  I have been enjoying adding candles at as many meals as possible, including yummy herbs into foods that I have cooked so often they’ve grown boring, and learning alongside my family, to linger at the table, to rest and enjoy.

Yesterday I threw together a shepherd’s pie in about a half hour, just before dinner.  Real shepherd’s pie, from scratch with amazing mash on top and slivers of chive resting on the white mounds.  It was a one dish meal and was quickly devoured by us and a friend.  It was hearty and substantial and a labor of love and a work of art and I lit the white candle in our table’s center and I felt such deep gratitude for what we have.  I am thankful that I am learning how to cook, that I  am learning how to make a house even more of a home, that I am learning to draw others in and to live with them even when I feel too tired to live with myself.  I am thankful for healthy food and new ideas for cooking and for the amazing act of co-creating that I get to do each and every time I enter the kitchen.  I am SO thankful for my beautiful little family who makes each day a dream-come-true.

I  linger with my children at wake-time and at bed-time and I remember how those used to be the times when I was ready to be done and now they are the times when I press in.  I listen hard and I ask questions (but not too many) and I find so true what this woman writes, that as children grow older they need new ways of attachmet parenting, new forms of nurture and of love.  My breasts and back get a rest now but I am so thankful that my arms and ears and heart should be full. They need me and I am glad.

In the half hour just after bedtime, I surf around the web for fun and I look for deep thoughts and for beauty.     I sometimes get lost amidst the pages and grow tired but more often I gain fresh breath and new sight and I am thankful for amazing creative people and for deep sensitive thoughtful people and for all the people who teach me things I need to learn, who tell their own stories and reflect a new facet of the never-ending Creator’s diamond.

David and I are full of dreams, full of the excitement of the not-yet and the just-around-the-corner and we talk long and we dream big and we listen for His voice.  And while we listen, we celebrate.

This is a slice of my life.

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