Simpler Living

I remember our Annapolis days; days of the big home and the big messes.  Days of the baby and the toddler and hands clutching and voices calling.  Days when I seemed to get almost-nothing done.  In those days we had a basement and a washer and dryer in the basement and about a hundred spidery steps leading down into the musty, cold and dirty basement.

I did not like doing laundry.

And I seemed to always be doing laundry.

Nowadays we live a more simple life. True there are a few less clothes when the kids are a little older . . . but the main difference is that we don’t have a washer/dryer (or basement).  We prioritized on other things and decided to live like so many others and use the laundromat.  It has some musty/dirty/spidery things in common with that old basement but it isn’t so bad.  And best of all it was scheduled in and finished when it was done.  I went once a week and then we waited till the next Tuesday to go again.

Now we have friends across the way who share their washer/dryer with us.  So instead of driving seven minutes to spend the morning at the laundromat I walk about one minute to their open garage.   But I’m still on my Tuesday schedule.  When 8:30 comes I start the first load and by the time they pull out for school at 12:15 I usually have my last load out of the dryer.  I fold in between loads and that is my cleaning morning too so I intersperse the changing loads with the vacuuming and the mopping and the toilet swishing.   And then, I am done.

When someone in our home wishes that their BLUE shirt were clean, we remind them that next Tuesday it will be.  And when my cloth napkins are all used up we switch to paper and when the cloth lunch box starts to smell funny we use something else because Tuesday is laundry day and laundry doesn’t get done if it’s not Tuesday.

This. is. simpler. living.  For a whole six days I do not consider laundry.  And then when I do, I do.

I also like that we get to live kind of like the believers of Acts (not that they had washing machines but the sharing stuff, ya know?)  I have an extra room so I loan that to you and you have a washing machine you only use once a week so you loan it to both of us and we have a car so feel free to use it whenever you need it and our other friends have sleds and snow chains and our other friends have a guitar and we like to cook dinner so come and eat . .. . .

It’s not just simpler; it’s a lot more fun.  Community . . . . . try it.

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  1. I love the thought of a close knit community… even though most of our neighbors hide in their houses, we do have the two on either side of us which are pleasant. In fact, just this morning – the neighbor on the right was out shoveling snow off 3 or 4 of the other neighbors driveways. My laundry day is Thursday… and Friday. Friday because I usually forget the last load in the dryer and must go fold it…

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