We wake to the sounds of Egypt and we watch, as a family, the signs graffittied up on Arabic on flags and banners all over Cairo – Down with Mubarek – and the people shouting and the blood and the tear gas and the triumph of a people who know they are shifting something and the feeble, ineffectual response of a ruler on the run . . . . we watch our computer screen and we listen to the commentary and feel so close, and so far.  We recognize streets we so-briefly walked and we imagine Cairo’s airport with 2000 ex-pats trying to leave; the chaos.   We speak in; we pray in.  God show Yourself there.  God move.  God be powerful.  God lend courage, hope and protection.  God be the I Am God of the Egyptian people.

Then we move on; to cuddled movies on the couch and Quinn’s furrowed brow as he solves the math mysteries of the show he watches and his triumphant shout; ” This is SO INTERESTING!  It’s like TV with lots of LEARNING!”  I smile quiet.  I love their brave curiosity, their tireless wonder.

We prepare the birthday brunch for a friend, giant green grapefruit pumelos (our first time to taste!) and quiche and sausages and champagne and molten lava cakes.  A real feast.  We will sing the happy birthdays and we will give the cards with riddles and words she must look up to understand and we give away some of our joy and it will only grow larger in the giving.

The fog has rolled in and after so many warm days it is dark and cold and a perfect afternoon to spend with our Africa home group.  We will meet and make connections pray into and over Africa and feel close to those we love an ocean away.  And in the evening we will host our international transformation group and we will eat ugandan food and watch a rwandan movie and discuss how we five will change the world. We will; yes, we will.

Naomi and Quinn will spend the day creating new rhythms on the used keyboard that joined our family this week and they will build lego wonderlands and draw pictures of dancing people and they will beg for mores snacks and more snacks and they will run wildly up and down stairs with their friends and they will be HAPPY.

A Saturday at our home.

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