Right here

I step outside into the clear crisp air of autumn and the open heavens stretch out above me. Birds I have never seen before are singing from the edges of brittle branches.

I am groggy from a night full of bad dreams. My eyes are open but my spirit half awake when I step into this stillness, this quiet alive-ness of the world.

And He is here.

And it is when I feel His presence surround me, that all swings into right-ness again. Fears, worries and anxieties fade because I know the truth. That He is there, bigger and more powerful than the worst of evil that life can throw at me.

I am not guaranteed safety, happiness, or an easy ride. I am not guaranteed that all my dreams will come true, that those I love will live long and happy lives, or that I will fulfill my best hopes.

I am guaranteed Right Here, Right Now. I am guaranteed Him.

In every moment before me I have a choice. I can choose hope or I can choose doubt. I can choose to believe the best or expect the worst. I can choose to lean in to the learning, however small the lesson may be, or to pull back from the mundane and the tedious. I can choose to accept, with certainty, that even this, this fall in small-town USA, is important. That the lessons I am learning now are never-to-be-forgotten. That I am building a foundation of strength, integrity, character, and depth that will set the tone for all that comes from here.

There are no small moments. No unimportant life lessons. No time is wasted unless we choose to discount it, to throw it away as useless and lost.

We are more powerful than we know. Not gods but partners with God. As such, our every move, every thought, every breath, is immensely important. We really do change the world.

Even if all the weekend holds is football games, movie nights, painting projects, and gardening.

This too is important.

I am awake now, in the loud stillness, as the neighbors dog comes out to play in the crunchy woods behind my house. My eyes are open and my spirit is too. Wide awake, ready to see miracles, in the mundane, this weekend.

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