The house is quiet after a full day of friends and family, dancing and games, cooking and baking.  Our little home can hold more than it’s capacity of children coming and going, parents picking up and dropping off, and discussions around the kitchen table.  It was a good day.

The kids are tucked in next door to us, James is tucked in downstairs beside the couch and our live-in friends will soon arrive back and tuck themselves in across the hall.  I am nursing my voice-less throat and hacking cough and have come to bed early.  But I am a bit restless.  Or perhaps rest-less??

A sweet friend facebooked me today to not bake too many cookies, to remember to sit down with a cup of good coffee today and listen to the christmas carols.  She gifted me rest.

And I am leaning into that, hearing in her words, His voice to me.   This is not the first time lately He has spoken this way . . . .  Excited as I am about all the holiday friends and family and fun coming up, I know I must rest.  Know I need rest.  Know I am tired.  And He knew that I would be, and told me where to go, how to let go, how to be safe in His stillness.

I simply need to remember.

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