Quinn, version 8












I just can’t say enough about the new Quinn, version 8.0!!

His birthday fell on the 10th day of the 1oth month at 10 pm and it was every bit as special as it deserved to be.

Birthday donuts with chocolate and cream filling and a candle.  A birthday song at church.  The gift from God of seeing a roadrunner on the way home  (they are not indigenous to this region but have been seen at our church before, he has longed to see one for over a year.  It was a good gift.)  A spy party complete with adventure and a “joy bomb” birthday cake and eighteen friends . . . this for the boy who worried he wouldn’t have any friends in California by the time his birthday came around.  An electric guitar to learn to play with lessons this year and to fulfill his own prophetic picture drawn last month and captioned ” I am playing electric guitar for God in heaven and He is so happy and He is saying yippee because I am playing electric guitar for him.  And I am smiling.”  As his mom, I kind of liked that image. 🙂

I am praying God’s deepest healing and growth into his heart each day and night.  And it is coming true.  Tender-hearted, Quinn cries when he sees the homeless begging on street corners in our town.  Courageous, he vows to hurt those who hurt others. 🙂  Brilliant (his teacher said it, not me!) 🙂  he easily picks back up to the third grade level this year after skipping almost a year of school.  He adapts to a new school culture with grace and is honored by the class for his honesty.  He draws amazing pictures of angels.  He LOVES to visit the prayer house at any chance he gets, “just to sit and be quiet with God, mom.”  You all prayed for a space for him at Bethel Christian School and God audibly called his teacher, just in time for Quinn’s arrival, to form a new class.  She cried when I told her how you’d prayed.  She is God’s gift for Quinn, just for Quinn.  I can not believe otherwise.

Quinn learns to fight strong and well at kajukenbo class each week with daddy.  He learns EVERYTHING else through hours and hours and hours of reading aloud on the couch. Oh how we love the public library.  He scooters madly around the parking lot after school and pulls out swords to run through the grass and fight imaginary giants.  He misses the trees and dirt of his jungle home so much.  He still wears bare feet whenever possible and sometimes when it’s not.  He is a techno-geek like his daddy, lusting after nintendo and computer games and enjoying digital photography.  Quinn is the life of most groups yet he craves his alone time.  He spends quiet bits splayed out in his room, arranging toy soldiers, reading comics, thinking.

Quinn has a big, beautiful soul.  A wise, tender heart.  A destiny that defies imagining.

I am amazed that from me, came THIS.  And I am grateful, ever grateful, for each day together.

He is not easy . . . because he’s SO worth it.

I love you, Quinn.

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