Prayer, Reimagined

We imagine prayer

as a bowed head

and folded hands

When we go to pray

our lack of focus

brings us guilt

A sign that we do not care

enough, to make a way

for heaven to care too

This is a manifestation of the lie

that we can access Divine power

through our own sheer will power and hard work

Instead of Grace


I imagine prayer instead

as the “personal hotspot”

I make

to connect my computer to the internet

using my iphone

If God is the internet

the source of all knowledge

the connection to which makes so any things

easier, more possible

Than prayer

is simply me, present

having opened my settings

to “personal hotspot”

so that the wireless strength of heaven

can be connected both to me and others

This morning I sit in sunshine

Thoughtful, Quiet

Present, Connected

A hotspot

of heaven

for my husband

my children


and the world

This is prayer


2 thoughts on “Prayer, Reimagined”

  1. I have been reading your blogs lately. I love them. I love how you think and express and how you are you. It makes me happy. That is all:)

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