a belated post for Five Minute Friday

When she cries because he’s hurt her again and his emails sting bad and his texts come fast and hard and angry enough to cut . . . . I choose to see opportunity. When big decisions are made and he chose believed-law over demonstrated love and I watch people break apart and hearts splinter just a little more . . . . this must be a big opportunity.

When it’s hardest to feel grace and when love becomes a greater sacrifice . . . that’s when opportunity knocks and calls and even sings.

Oooppoortuuunnitttyyyyyy . . . . . . .

It’s the opportune moment in my life to put down the phone and close up the laptop and stand at the sink watching birds free-fly past my dirty windows and extend grace in the form of a blessing. I do not pray imprecatory prayers. I breathe whispers of heartfelt healing. I bless his heart to know peace, to flutter into His lap and be held. I bless him to know that God is love and that love drives out fear and that none of us are perfect but redemption is better than perfection anyway. I long for him to cry out all those tears and to talk out all those deep losses and to walk towards whole-ness, the wholeness we all so desperately need.

Opportunity looks like choosing not to repeat what he said to others, or even over and over to myself. It looks like declaring his words false and handing them to my Daddy in heaven, then moving on to celebrate the beauty in life. Opportunity looks like reading the love Chapter in the Message and finding new ways to practice it. Opportunity has so many faces I hardly know where to begin.

All I know is, his angry words gave me a new opportunity. And I’m stepping into it.

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