Naomi in Lavender Heaven

This picture is for my mom who sent me the link to this lavender farm almost a year ago. The farm is about an hour from our home, nestled gorgeously just in front of Mount Shasta, one of our two daily mountain views. It is a slice of heaven; humming bees drunk with delight, the amazing aroma of lavender all around and row after row of purple beauty. The couple who owns this farm live and work in the French inspired chateau which faces the fields and mountains. For six weeks in summer as the lavender enters high bloom, they move out and turn it into a gallery and showroom where they serve up free lavender lemonade and sell you-pick lavender for $4/100 stems. We spent almost two hours there, nearly as drunk as the bees with delight. Quinn ran the lavender labyrinth and we enjoyed a marvelous picnic at one of their shaded tables. Joy!

2 thoughts on “Naomi in Lavender Heaven

  1. Incredible shot! Nice job! Now, just a little Photoshop magic to remove the scissors and the other person and you’re a shoe-in for a Pulitzer prize for photography. ;o)

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