More gifts

Counting up the amazing good things, again . . . .

#27 -#37

rain alternating with sun all afternoon . . . ever surprising . . . . all things bring joy

new friends sharing a sinfully-delicious brunch of crepes, whipped cream, berries and chocolate sauce, pure yum all ’round

mornings with the iphone and silly free games that bring a dimple to my son’s face

Paddle-to-the Sea wonder shared with my children . . . . oh how I love quiet classics

Mornings waking to sunshine again . . . daylight savings delights

flags fluttering on bethel hill and love of the nations

late night chat with my little brother and feeling not so far from his adventures

being amazed by the wonder of my talented, creative, brilliant and UNIQUE siblings . . . we are a wondrous six-some

mother-in-law who hems up my husbands garments . . .never too old to be cared for by mother’s heart

daughter’s face uplifted in worship . . . .glad flags shimmering in warfare dance . . . .beautiful dance . . . lingering taste of heaven

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