Midway to 14

She tells us she got her gorgeousness from her own self and her brain from her daddy, and l remind her that she got the foundation for her sense of social justice, empathy and compassion from me. She leans forward eagerly and explains to a questioning Quinn how that means that she is passionate about causes like I am.

She is determinedly herself, separating from us in areas she deeply values. Fashion, beauty, order, preparation, excellence. She has a low tolerance for discomfort, for the unplanned, for the plain old messy. She loves comfortable chaos, planned chaos that is not dirty but creatively un-arranged. Her room is super messy half the time and super clean the other half. She wants children but in her own way, her own time. She may very well be one of those mothers who is always put together, always fashionable, always on time. In this we are nothing alike. I with the crazy hair and bohemian clothing. I with the last minute and the just-on-time and the love of all things spontaneous.

She values her calling and her unique imprint deeply and she has plans to change the world through fashion, through science, through telling the truth about what real beauty is. She plans to influence political and social issues through backstage involvement. She sees the under-seen, the under-known, her conviction in Love is stronger than any religious beliefs. How all these things will come together is a mystery to all of us but we all believe in them, believe in her, this bright eyed idealist who has been found by Love Himself.

She is only thirteen but she wonders about socialism and about what it might take for a woman to choose abortion . . . . how we can see that woman’s heart right where she is and love her there, regardless of her choice. She looks at those who identify as gay and a fierce protectiveness rises up in her. Love, she says, love. It causes debates on the school playground and tears sometimes, after class.

She longs to live in a climate of diversity, acceptance, and challenge. She wants to talk about the hard issues but with all the voices at the table. She loves people from all nations, she loves accents, she loves different skin colors and eye shapes and the heart beats that every nationality bring to the world.

She is very bright. She writes with clarity and wisdom. She find history fascinating and recently said ” wouldn’t it be amazing to take a whole course comparing and contrasting British history and American history?” (Yes, little girl, it would be fascinating. My brain hurts just thinking about it. You must be your fathers child.) She memorizes in a flash. Her brain thinks in numbers, in patterns, in detail. She knows the birthday of every child in her class, without trying. She loves her school, her world, and yet she is not academically challenged here. She has her mind and heart set on a really good private school for high school. We will do our best to make her dreams come true.

She LOVES home, LOVES the comfort of bed and bedroom. Her two best times are when she is surrounded by friends at school or sports or when she is tucked between her covers with a hot water bottle, a mug of tea and something interesting to read or look at.

She is still becoming but she knows who she is and she loves herself. She is a marvel, a wonder. She is ours. She is His. She is perfect; midway to fourteen.

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