merging the worlds: technology and imagination

I opened our mailbox to find a folded 3×5 card with the words Mommy Kiss 3 printed on the outside. A gift from Quinn.

Quinn makes gads of index card iphone style imaginative games. One of his best is God Games, a series which features good versus evil with supernatural powers included. The game I received yesterday, Mommy Kiss, featured me on one side of the index paper “screen” with Quinn on the other. Drawings of bad guys stood between us on various ledges. I had powers such as slap, kick and “fire fart” (I am much too much of a lady to use that one but don’t tell Quinn) which allowed me to attack the bad guys and reach Quinn to kiss him. The best part was that immediately after giving it to me, Quinn offered to take the game for me and beat it so that we could get to each other quicker. 🙂 It is fun to watch him “play” the game with all his own sound effects and dramatic moves. He seems to have even more fun than when playing a real game.

These guys imaginatively recreate technology in ways that startle and inspire me. David and I continue to discuss how the world is changing and how technology can be our family’s friend and not foe, despite the obvious concerns. Their latest innovations include home made iphones, constructed of layers of index cards held together with clip rings – one index card per “screen” including apps, games, and home pages. Who knew technology could inspire so much creativity!

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