Mercy across miles

This week my purses from Heartline arrived and I went through them all and I picked the special one that I will keep and I began to wear it’s burlap glory out into the world.

My heart now speaks a name when I pick up my daily bag of books for my wanderings.  The name of it’s creator *.  I echo Venette’s name to our Creator.  And I am glad.  I walk alongside her daily, though I have never have walked in her shoes.

I will have a purse party in a few weeks, to share this glory with others; to share our wealth with a world of need.  Even buying can have purpose.  Christmas can be a season of conscious change . . . . of choices that are good for all.

Haiti is a tent world now; post disaster,  people survived.  They still survive, hanging on daily in their tent world, eking out daily water and food and cleanliness and comfort in the midst of a place we wouldn’t camp.

and now there’s cholera.

And now I’m crying.

Mercy across the miles makes my heart ache for women in a land so far away.

For the orphaned children who have already endured so much.

Thank Jesus I serve the God of Enough because I feel so very small.

But I will speak:

Mercy.  Hope.  Peace.  Joy. Thankfulness. Deliverance. Goodness. Rescue.

Where the Spirit of God is there is . . . . . . Life.

*(each bag is signed by the Haitian artist who designed/sewed it)

1 thought on “Mercy across miles”

  1. Annelise,

    Thank you, as always, for sharing the song God places in your heart. Each time I read, I find my heart soaring to meet Jesus in the place He has taken you, sometimes delighted, sometimes sorrowful. And thank you for the Heartline purse idea for Christmas. Perfect for the few gifts I am planning this year.

    We have finally made it to South Carolina permanently. I’ll be starting with the State Department in a few weeks. So happy to be in the place God has led us. Ministry already among our neighbors. Could you send Bob and Kristen Blank’s email?

    MANY thanks – and continued blessings – praying with you and David
    In Christ’s love,

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