Making my head spin

A Young Person’s Guide to Philosophy by DK was one of my finds last week at the library. . . . . my library strategy is to browse the reshelving carts – I get quite a mix of fascinating books that way without having to decide on a topic beforehand!

The philosophy book looked amazing – full of wonderful illustrations and pockets of text as most DK books are. I set it on our “display shelf” (the back of the couch) where I lure my children into reading topics they wouldn’t normally ask to by setting out tantalizing and irresistable books for their perusal.  (I’m so crafty that way.)

For days no one picked it up and only I perused it’s pages.  Then on Saturday morning, while most children are watching cartoons, Quinn discovered it.   I came downstairs to David and Quinn reading about Locke and making up new quotes such as:  “I stink therefore I am” for the highlighted quotations on each page.

I made happy sounds to find them so engaged together in learning what many eight year olds might find an unapproachable subject and Quinn said:  ” I LOVE this!  It makes my head spin!! ”   But the real classic moment came a moment later as Quinn read the text box about Calvinism and what Calvinists believe.

“I know ONE thing they believe in mom . . . . Purgatory!!”  My stunned look broke into laughter as I wondered how in the world Quinn had picked up this bit of untrue information.  “Yes!” he insisted emphatically, ” they DO! Calvin does.  I was reading the Calvin book and when Calvin scratched Hobbes tummy and Hobbes sighed Calvin said, ‘well that ought to earn me a few years off of purgatory!'”

Aaahhh . . . . . what delightfully informed and well-rounded children we are raising.

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