Let’s disagree. Kindly.

They are the oldest (and lamest) arguments in the book:

“Please get your facts right.”

“Do you even know what you are saying?”

“That’s not true.”

All said as if

those statements alone

should be enough to make me see

The “folly of my ways.”



Thankfully I know that

your disagreement

with my opinion

does not make me stupid.

And if those arguments of yours

don’t work on me,

the shaming starts:

“If you do not believe this is true

than you are more (fill in the blank) than I thought.”



It all comes down to

a simple truth:

Your opinion

is different than mine.

One of us is right.

Or maybe both of us?

Could even very likely be neither of us.



But is it possible to stay friends

even in the disagreeing?

For you to trust me enough

to let me explore outside the edges

of what you consider truth

Without shame, guilt, manipulation

or condemnation

Could that be a thing?



I wish.

I hope I can give you

that gift too.


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