Let faith arise; for JQ and JY, and for us

Let faith arise

in spite of what I see

Lord I believe

But help my unbelief

I choose to trust you

No matter what I feel

Let faith arise


Let faith arise

For my Champions not dead

He is alive

And He already knows my every need

Surely He will come and rescue me



God of miracles come

We need your supernatural love

Nothing’s impossible

You’re the God of miracles



One week out, we walk towards our new son, JY, with intentionality and determination.

We will love you, we will parent you, we will accept you, we will make you ours.

Meanwhile, a little girl who such a short time ago was only known to you all as JQ, carries inside her all the vast seas of feelings we can possibly imagine.

In one more week she will see one of her best friends again for the first time in eighteen months.

In one more week we will hold our new son in our arms.

In one more week she will be standing in her birth country, smelling it’s smells and tasting it’s tastes.

In one more week we will be, once again, the foreigners in a strange land.  Savoring it’s beauty and enduring what we don’t yet know how to savor.

She will return home but it will not be quite all home ever again.

We will step foot into a land that ever more becomes part of our life blood, our family’s heartbeat.  And, with a courage that is born only of love,  we will add more DNA to blend with our own.  We will once again choose family where others see nothing.

Each of us is doing something harder than many can imagine.

We carry our own burdens, our own fears, our own anticipation and our own dread.

There is no way to prepare.  There is no way to be ready.

There is only now.


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