Junkyard Wonders

” Don’t you realize what a junkyard really is?  It is a place full of wondrous possibilities!  What some see as bent and broken throwaways are actually amazing things waiting to be made into something new.  Something unexpected.  Something surprising.”

This quote is from an amazing childrens’ book, Junkyard Wonders.  It speaks to my soul and into the part of me that God designed to make beauty from nothing much.  To take the castoffs of life (be they bottletops or people or my own dreams) and redeem them with Him.

As I get time, rest and encouragement I am embracing so many beautiful things about myself!  And in the process I am deepening in ways that will bless  many others over my lifetime.  I have always thought I had zero artistic talent but I am learning that I can create beauty with brush, pen, paper.  I am learning the power of my words.  I am learning the strength of my voice.  I am learning that when I speak things shift. I have learned to trust my feelings more.  To believe my spirit when it speaks.  To hear what is unsaid.  To know what is truest.  To connect intimately with a great big wondrous God.  I am seeing more each day about how I fit into this world – this beautiful, imperfect, glorious, hurting world.

The song, You Make Beautiful Things, says it so well.

You make beautiful things

out of the dust

You make beautiful things

Out of us.

The truth is, most of us think of ourselves as junkyard material . . . . . and this is why we must catch the wonder.  The wonder of a God that creates beauty from dust.  That breathes, breath of life, into the dirt of the earth and creates life-producing life.  We must catch that this God is a master artist – a flawless artist.  And He created us!!  How could we look down on his work?!  We are his masterpieces.  Twisted, bent and broken parts shaped into new and wondrous working things of beauty.

As the author of Junkyard Wonders writes:

Some people look at the way things are and cry “why?” But I want you to look at things and see what they could be ask “why not?”

I am a “why-not” – er.   A dream-big-er.  A visionary.  A dreamer.  And PROUD of it.  You too??  Together we can make beautiful things . . . . created in His image to be creative. Redeemed to be redemptive.  It’s a huge amazing calling that will take our lifetimes to live out.

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  1. I love that God redeems the brokenness and brings beauty. What mercy…that loves enough to take the discarded, misused, or well, just plain ugly, and creates BEAUTY. I love to take trash, cast-offs, recyclables, and turn them into something lovely and desirable. (Yesterday I made a lovely magnolia blossom out of plastic spoons…though Mark says that’s going too far….) I long to do that in relationship too…the way that God does…to see the beauty in people’s brokenness and offer hope and help to see redemption.

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