I go to a brainstorming session on dreaming (the daytime kind) and I begin to unwrap the idea that God’s plans for my future are already hidden in my spirit, or better yet, I imagine, my gut . . . I reach down deep into my spirit, my gut, and pull out ten dreams, list them quick and fast in the two minutes we are given.

One of them reads;

“watch my husband live free”

And isn’t this what all of us want for our loved ones?

For them to be utterly themselves because they are utterly His?

For them to be so sweetly safe that they can not help but be sweetly, truly ours??

Their best selves??

And so I take my baby step towards making this dream come true.

I push my cocooning caterpillar husband towards the light of day.

It is his 49th birthday.

The start of his 50th year.

His Jubilee

“The 50th year shall be a Jubilee year . . . . It is a holy year for you”  (Exodus)

The jubilee is the year when everything lost is restored;

when the misplaced is found;

when the separated is rejoined;

when families are re-united; when land is returned;

when property is replaced . . . .

Jubilee means ‘liberty’ and is a heritage of the ancient Israelite tradition . . . .

I wish to  . . . . . . . .“watch my husband live free” . . .. . .

I remember this dream I jotted down so quickly

Instinctively really

as I watch my husband open the gift I splurged on for him

Watch his mouth open wide in shock

Watch his eyes glisten


My gift is an act of declaration

and I declare it sweetly over him

I gift him with Freedom.

I speak freedom with my lips

and with my actions.

And the actions are harder.

And the sacrifice speaks louder.

And I see that watching our dreams come true

Is a beautiful dance of partnership

With our Daddy-God

And each other.

David is the fulfillment

Of so many of my heart-dreams

Not to mention

The literal dream

That brought us together

In the first place

That’s how it all began

When God spoke so clearly

In that dream

So I hug him tightly.

Kiss him deeply

Love him prickly

All the funny edges

And ever-surprising parts

Of this unordinary man

And I await the wonder of more freedom

Than we’ve ever imagined

As I keep on reaching down

Deep in my spirit-gut

And take more steps

Towards dreams

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