Introducing . . . .



Ava Jing Qiao Pierce . . . . “QiaoQiao”

pronounced like the italian for goodbye. 🙂

Ava, from Eve, meaning bringer of life and bird, one who soars; Jing, meaning calm, quiet, peaceful; Qiao, meaning clever, bright, skillful

Here she is just after we met her in the parking lot of the family affairs office on Monday afternoon.  Yesterday, Tuesday, we became 100% legal family forever.  This was how we first met our daughter, but the transformation over the first 24 hours has been amazing, so much change already.

Thank you for sharing our joy.

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  1. “In love He predestined us for adoption…” (Eph 1:5)

    Thanking God for your willingness to walk this road by faith and tearfully joyful that a little girl now has a “baba, mama, jiejie (Naomi) and gege (Quinn)”!!

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