In Praise of Adoption

NPR’s Scott Simon has written a simply moving book about his family . . . . In Praise of Adoption.  Scott and his wife have two gorgeous Chinese daughters adopted from the same province but not the same orphanage.  The book chronicles his family’s journey through infertility to adoption.  He also shares biographies of a number of all-grown-up adopted kids who he knows personally, and their unique perspectives on their lives.

Most importantly, Scott shares the truth that a genocide is happening.  As he says, “It is impossible – it is irresponsible – to forget that our daughters are blessings that began with a crime when frightened mothers gave up the babies they loved because of ( government) policies that caused young girls to be cast away.”  He goes on to state that, ” when you adopt a child from (a certain asian country) you face the fact that ” a woman’s right to choose means abortion rights for women in North America and Western Europe.  For a billion and a half people in Asia there is no right for a woman to have her baby.  My wife and I didn’t adopt two daughters  from (Asia) to make any kind of a point. But the two people we cherish the most are survivors of mass crime.  That obliges us to speak out.”

Through the mundane notes on his family’s way of life to the profound statements on sex-selective abortion, what stands out most is Simon’s profound love for his children and his deep belief in the ability love to shine deeper, greater than genes or bloodlines.  His story speaks truth, that adoption is another way to make a family and that the love nurtured in adopted families is incomparably rich.

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