I’ll be there.

(in chinese, of course)

“Good night tiger baby.”

“Good night tiger mama.”

Good night koala baby.”

Good night koala mama”

Good night panda bear baby”

Good night panda bear mama.”

“Good night shark baby.”

“Good night shark mama.”

“Good night elephant baby.”

“Good night elephant mama.”

I lean down into the bed to kiss your head, and you smell sweet, like baby shampoo and sharp, like incense.  Your smell, I just can’t get over your smell.  Your freshly cut hair prickles under my lips and I feel the way you’re becoming a part of me, the way your DNA and my DNA is somehow connecting itself. The way we become family.

It’s been your first day at school.  A half day and you did so well.

You ask me, “tomorrow you go to school with me again?” And I tell you yes.  “And Tomorrow tomorrow you will be there?”  Yes, I tell you. I will be with you until you don’t need me anymore.

You grin your silly grin and you giggle and you grab me hard.

I kiss you once and twice and twice again.

And say good night.

Somehow, we’re doing this hard thing called family.


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