I won! I won!

On a whim one day, while volunteering in Naomi’s classroom, I copied down the information for a county-wide essay contest for bike commute week. One prize bike was for the winning child. One for the winning adult. The essay topic was: “why a new bike would change my life.” I knew how badly David had been wanting a really good bike. And I got excited about my potential to SAVE money by writing even if I don’t yet MAKE money by writing. I briefly thought of some ideas for the topic and then forgot about it.

A few weeks later I was already in bed at 11:30 pm when I realized that midnight was the deadline for the essay contest. I felt regret and wished I had entered, then tried to drift off to sleep. But it seemed the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me! I felt an irresistable urge to get out of bed and write; against my common sense that there was no possible way to finish in time.

Over the next 25 minutes I typed up a 300 word essay, filled out an online application form and frantically emailed it all in – five minutes past the deadline. Sigh.

The next morning I saw the email, returned to me because of a simple error in the address. Bigger sigh.

I resent the original email with an explanation and gave up all hope. But I was satisfied that I had been obedient to the Spirit!

I resolved to enter any further writing contests much more promptly. I wondered why the Holy Spirit had woken me to write when I wouldn’t qualify anyway.

Weeks passed but I wasn’t waiting for a call or email. I had already put aside any thought of winning.

Two days ago, I got a surprise call from our county! The judges had chosen my essay ” by a mile” over all the other entries.

I had won David a high-quality new bike he has been wanting for many years! Along with $200 worth of accessories!

I went back and reread my essay. It was definitely the favor of God that won me this contest. My essay leaves much to be desired. But I’m not complaining!

David will receive the bike in a special ceremony at our local museum as part of bike commute week.

Yay and double yay!

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  1. Not bad, not bad.
    I recall that it was on your birthday (many years ago) that you learned you won your first nationwide writing contest. (The Gothic thriller!)

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