How our privilege is ruining us.

We live in a country where we have easy access to clean water but we complain about the fluoride the government puts in it and how it is poisoning us.

Do we realize that others walk miles for dirty water?  

We live in a country filled with the strength of incredible diversity of ethnicity, religion, sexuality and yet we’re still trying to convince those around us to live by our mores and values as white evangelical Christians.

Do we realize how much we need THEM to teach US?

We live in country where routine childhood illnesses no longer significantly affect our populations but where we don’t trust doctors.

Have you ever seen someone with legs withered from polio walk down a dirt road on their hands?

We live in a country where you can call 911 and have an ambulance or fire truck at your door in minutes, yet we complain about our taxes.

Have you lived the reality that there IS no fire department or clean hospital within hundreds of miles?

We live in a country where we can practice whatever religion we want but we complain about our coffee cups.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be afraid to read a religious book or take your headscarf off?

We live in a country that was founded by traitors and exploiters and built on the foundation of a genocide and yet we think we hold the key to creating peace in the world.

When will we have the strength required to be honest about our country’s history and to do our very best to learn from it and become better?

Today I am tired of reading about racism, seeing white privilege in my kids schools, listening to people judging others for their sexuality, and being a part of a society that still embraces systemic oppression of woman and minorities.  Today I own that I am a part of the problem.  Today I agree that I need to change.  Today I am angry.




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