How doodling can change the world . . . .

A year or so ago I made a dreams list and I put all kinds of crazy things on it. Like “meet Maya Angelou” and “train a dog really well”. I even put things on it that I thought were everyday impossible like “make beautiful art” and “have really pretty handwriting”.

And you know what? Because I realized how much I dreamed it, I began to try to do it. And a year ago or so, I bought my first black blank-paged EcoSystem journal (like a moleskin but more environmentally happy) and began to write, draw, doodle, and think my way through it.

I’m four journals later now and my art has slowly improved. Mostly I’ve embraced the imperfection and I’ve gotten comfortable with copying. I’ve played around with pictures I’ve seen of the beauty others have created and I’ve found felt-tip pens I love and all this has made me happy.

Wonder of all wonders people have even stopped me to compliment my so-called “art” and to marvel at the felt-tipped magic on my thick blank EcoSystem pages . . . .

I still have little ability to draw things in perspective, to shade, or to even create anything besides simple mugs, feathers, furniture and cameras. But I am delighting in beauty and I am believing I CAN instead of I CAN’T.

If I want to indulge in typography . . . then somehow it is part of me, right??

I branched out and used an old free stack of National Geographics and cut out letters from it’s beautiful color-filled photo pages and now they are on the wall above my front door and they say BE BRAVE.

And I am. Brave. I am brave because I am trying. Because I refuse to live stagnant and am instead slipping and sliding towards growth.

I posted those words to remind myself and my family and every.single.person. who comes through my door, to re-enter the world, Bravely. Because courage is what gives us the strength to find beauty, to make beauty to Be Beauty.

So, doodling can change the world.

One of my favorite songs says change “starts with me”. Starts with me here. Here in my heart, here in my home, here in the chaotic corner of our brains where we feel it might be impossible to be anything but unlovely.

Start here.


Change the world.

And to save time, do both at once.

Like me.

3 thoughts on “How doodling can change the world . . . .

  1. So I just love this post (as you would imagine). A couple of comments: copying is very very helpful as an artist is developing… Those who know me would testify to my absolute obsession with doing something new and thinking beyond the ordinary and never imitating. BUT, copying other people’s work, like typography, helps develop the mind/hand connection that is so important to the making of beautiful things. After that mind/hand connection is made, we can catapult our brains and hearts to new places and be able to express our visions because we’ve practiced by copying. I’m sooo impressed, Annelise, that you have filled four journals. Way to go sister.

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