Homeschool happiness

Today is a good day.

Today Quinn and I learn together.

Today I will begin with time with God and he will begin with time with his dad. An hour. They will probably play chess.

I know what we might do next. I don’t have a plan yet, but we will. We’ll sit down at the kitchen table with a scrap of paper and a stub of pencil (so grateful for my fellow right brained son!) and I’ll scratch out my requirements for the day. They will be the things I know work well in the time we have. They will be a combination of what he loves and what he needs even if he doesn’t love it yet.



Read How to Eat Fried Worms, 3 chapters

Finish The Cabin Faced West together

Easy Grammar



Help mom with her vermiculture project

bike ride at the preserve

Then we’ll go back and write in time estimates next to each of those activities. And we’ll talk about which ones we’ll save for last to help motivate us towards our less favorites. The bike ride is sure to be a hit so we place that one at the end, maybe with read a loud happening outdoors at the preserve.

Now it’s time to get serious. We move kitchen chairs and pull out the quilt to form a huge fort extending onto the couch. This is our learning space for my kinesthetic right brained little learner. When we make the fort he knows it will be a great day! The cats run to find their places in the nooks and crannies under the quilt and we heat water for tea on the stove top. Lady Grey tea and very hot water flow into specific mugs – our happy mugs. We do a little experiment as we add the liquid stevia: how much to add? We taste and taste again.

Crawling into our fort, tea in hand, we get settled with some comfy pillows behind us and kitties around us. Now it’s to the first project. He has picked typing and, lacking all proper form and posture, we get to it. I have brought a book I’m working on so I glance back and forth between his project and my pages as we go.

This is our morning. With a snack break. Of course. We like to make a fruit, veggie and cheese platter with all our organic produce box goodness. Today it might be orange slices, pomegranate quarters and daikon radish sticks with white cheddar chunks. And homemade lemonade perhaps. (Squeeze a quarter lemon over ice water, add ten drops of stevia. ENJOY!)

By the time mid day hits we have worked through the items on our list and perhaps others. Maybe we have gone up to the prayer house and spent time in silence with God. Maybe we have wandered outside for a nature walk. Maybe we’ve had to move to the kitchen table for cursive practice.

And we’re off. On our bike riding adventure. Or shooting hoops together out front.

Until technology time at 1. And school friends and sister and more fun at 3. And dinner at 6. And stories in bed at 8.

These are our days of homeschooling happiness. So blessed to be. Together.

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