He stoops, for me . . . .

After a wonderful long weekend away (pictures and stories forthcoming!)  It’s been a long two days of sickness since we’ve been back . . . . . lots of coughing and tissues and puffing of inhalers and grouchy voices calling from upper and lower bunks and sweet brave smiles.  My children are wonderful and sweet when sick, but when I’m sick too I feel neither wonderful nor sweet and I struggle through, wishing to be absent and neglectful while not quite letting myself do so .

The kids are recovering though, and will head back to school tomorrow.  Back to standardized testing (half of which they’ve missed) and to speech meet preparations and to the usual daily learning.  So this afternoon we did a little work to prepare ourselves for the rude awakening of the return to school routine.

They are both memorizing scripture passages for speech, Naomi from Psalm 139 and Quinn from 2 Samuel.  I love hearing their clear voices recite and following them, Bible in hand to check for accuracy.  It is my spirit that receives a check.  My soul that is touched by active word come alive against my heart and mind.

Quinn’s passage spoke deeply to me tonight, as I read their verses again over their about-to-be-subconscious minds.  As I tucked in weary children who are not excited about testing.  As I remembered all my homework and projects and birthday surprises still to accomplish this week.  As my spirit flagged even after the beauty of a sun-filled day.

2 Samuel 22:36b says, “You stoop down to make me great.” And even with Quinn tugging at my arm and questioning me (“how can God stoop down when he’s a Spirit, mom?) my mind caught sight of this beautiful image and my heart caught hope and my weariness turned upward to look wide-eyed at my Helper.

He STOOPS DOWN to make us GREAT.  I can hardly believe it.  Not that he stoops down only to help or to rescue or to save or to forgive but to MAKE US GREAT.  He stoops, he somehow lowers Himself to our level and for the sole purpose of exalting us closer to His. He wants all for us that He imagined the day we were conceived in His mind and heart.

All that’s left to do is to become daily, through big steps and small, all the Greatness He has made me and helped me, to be.

And so I stoop, imitating my God,  to pray encouragement over small hearts, “God will stoop to make you great as you test tomorrow!”, to kiss big round cheeks, to smell golden curls and to stroke unimaginably soft arms.  I stoop into the load of this week and this weekend.  Into the load of what I am called to do today and tomorrow for myself and for my family.  Into the load that is part of my call towards Greatness.  And I’m glad I’m not doing it alone.  I stoop to exalt them, and He stoops to exalt me.  And we’re part of something so much bigger than a few acts of service.  We’re part of the re-making of a universe, the redemption of a planet, the resurrected body re-lifting its’ world to greatness.  Just as He does for us.

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