Happy Birthday David!

Da-Da (day-day), also known as Beloved, Bunny-luv and Daddy turned 50 on October 30. We actually gave him candles saying 05 on his cake since David would be much more easily recognized as a five year old than a fifty year old most days. I love his childlikeness. We feel convinced that his jubilee year, begun last birthday, is not really ending. Its jubilee season from here on out. The last year of redemption and restoration has been truly incredible and we look forward to so much more.

We celebrated his special day with a small garage party, inviting a few significant friends from different parts of our Redding lives – the ones we thought were supposed to be there. Paul, our new neighbor, played live music for us. His guitar and mandolin playing in our little town home courtyard adds beauty to our days, especially the celtic tunes, a love he shares with David. We commissioned our friend Mary Esther to come and paint for us during the party. Each of us was included as she painted with and for us, partnering with heaven and the Holy Spirit to bless us through art. We ate soup (split pea with bacon, broccoli cheese, and chicken noodle) and bread and chatted and laughed and painted and blessed and celebrated community and David. Jeanne made an amazing carrot cake served with pumpkin ice cream that topped off the whole thing marvelously.

So who is David now? My constantly changing man continues to surprise and challenge me. These days he is on a self-guided economics course . . . . .every day new books appear around the house as he reads voraciously through anything and everything he can find on that topic. He is becoming so much freer in the area of money and is tremendously curious about the connections between our faith and our resources. Multiple income streams are appearing in our lives as David grows in diversifying our investments and taking a more hands on approach to our long term savings as well as our giving. I have always been blessed by Davids financial provision for our family. Now I feel a kind of awe as I watch him dive into this new level of knowledge and understanding and stewardship. We are called to lives of generosity and legacy and this is all a part of that calling.

You can find David on a bike most days. His high-end wheels, provided by God last year, have served him well. He has learned a lot about bike mechanics as he has enjoyed tuning and fixing his transportation. He rides for fun and exercise and often works in errands for me, like grocery shopping at Trader Joes, while out and about in our small town. His two courier bags have carried everything from donuts to hardware as he treks! He also loves to get out into the beauty. With his bike and his iphone GPS, David maps out new routes and especially loves to follow the Sacramento River Trail up towards the Keswick Dam. Along that trail his special bench awaits him and he takes time to sit, drink in the beauty, think, talk with God and read. Solitary time is still one of Davids favorite things.

David and Quinn spend a few hours together each day homeschooling, an amazing privilege during this season of incubation and growth for us as a family. Davids birthday gift this year was a mindstorm robotic lego kit, something he has coveted for many years! He and Quinn spend hours each week building and programming together, playing foosball (another gift, a used table, restoration of the university years!), talking about science and history and exploring math concepts. Davids time with Quinn allows him to explore some of his favorite things with one of his favorite people; cute, cuddly and curious Quinn. Since they both share touch as a love language, they get to fill up their tanks while studying through such novel subjects as cuddle math!

I see David reaching out towards people in new ways. Whether it be praying for someones healing, speaking words of hope and life over a homeless person, engaging with Naomi in one of her pre-teen moments, or calling across the miles to make contact with an old friend; David is finding new resources within himself to bless others. I love watching him invest in the men around him, our children, and of course knowledge-seekers. David has become bolder, quicker to speak and act, more ready to trust his instincts. He has become more himself.

David has also been reinvesting in education in new ways. Using his administrative gifts alongside his newly found partnership with Holy Spirit, David has worked with our local christian school on innovative ideas in the areas of planning, dreaming and organizing. As usual, David earns instant respect in the professional world as he interacts with others to solve problems and engineer solutions. We discovered Ken Robinson this year and David has enjoyed reading and thinking about education in the modern and developing worlds. We spend time dreaming and brainstorming global shifts in education and ways to help African students compete.

David continues to learn about anything and everything around him, modeling to both me and the kids, what true curiosity looks like. National Public Radio fills our kitchen as he cooks breakfast most mornings and each night he shares daily news around the dinner table. He is learning to cook and has successfully tackled bread making, soup making and is about to start on pizza! The kids view David as a sort of walking encyclopedia whose knowledge is unfailing and ever-true. If I dont have an immediate answer to any of their questions about life or the world they run to Daddy. I am trying to teach them about perspective and the different perspectives different kind of intelligences bring. 🙂 But I have to admit I too ask him for lessons on history, politics, computing and science from David in the course of my weeks as needed! He sure is handy to have around!

I admire David deeply, and I have come to admire him more than ever in the last few years. In a world where a mans identity is typically inextricably linked with his career, David has leaped from the professional world to the missionary world and now to a free-form world of following his dreams and passions towards his callings. Waking up each day without a job assignment or defined parameters around his time has allowed him to grow in the area of discipline and focus. I can truly say that David has become secure in his identity as a child of the Living God and in his identity as a unique and gifted individual. He provides daily for our family in the areas of finance through the storehouses he carefully built earlier in his life. Now he has the opportunity to pursue a different season. Most people in our lives here in California do not know Davids work history or degrees. But they instantly recognize his caliber. He has become comfortable being so much more than a strong leader and brilliant thinker. Now he can be that and more. His dreams are not selfish dreams but beautiful ones. Daily he takes time to walk deeper into the mystery that is me 🙂 and to honor my heart and our marriage. Daily he grows in his communication with God, his ability to hear Gods voice and to partner his heart with Gods. Daily he grows in his desire to take risks, to follow hard after our hearts desires, and to live in the uncertainty of the moment with grace. I learn constantly from his integrity, his steadfastness, his perseverance, and his refusal to be afraid of men. He teaches me what courage looks like.

His three names mean Beloved, Strong Ruler, and Rock.

He is deeply Beloved. He has always been a strong leader. And best of all, he is firmly planted on the Rock.

Love you, Bunny-luv.

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