S and A are Taiwanese Christians who joined their grown son to study at the school of ministry.  We have met them several times in the hall or when seated next to them in the group lectures.  They are stereotypically friendly asians; eager and super polite.  David talked to them and prayed with them briefly several times and when they met me I thoroughly enjoyed their friendly open aspect.   This week, they asked if they could come over to greet us during the christmas break and we happily agreed.  They are such lovable fun sweet people and we were eager to get to know them a little.

They arrived today and we got the chance to talk a little, we heard more about their family (one girl and one boy!), and about their vision for future ministry in Taiwan.  Then they got down to business.  Opening the Christmas bag they had brought, they proceeded to formally give gifts to our whole family.  Naomi and Quinn both received very generous gift cards inside beautiful red asian envelopes with a blessing written on the outside.  (Keep  in mind they had never met Naomi and Quinn before and did not even know their names!)

I cried as David read their card aloud, a beautiful card which spoke of God’s love over us and of his bringing us into a place of joy. They gave me a gorgeous shawl and said that they had such a strong sense of God’s love for us (like a cloud around us) that they had to bring us these gifts to remind us of His love.  They spoke of our service in Uganda and said that they wanted to honor us and to remind us that God is so honored by us.

I have only spoken to these people about three times, for less than five minutes each time.  They are virtual strangers.

After we hugged them goodbye, I sat, shawl around my shoulders, embraced by the love of God through His people.  And amazed; simply amazed.

This is the God we serve.  These are the people we have the honor to share our lives with.  I have rarely been so humbled as I was today by gifts brought to honor me, by Asian Christians, who traveled across the world . . . to speak His message of Love to us.

This is a big hearty slice of rest;  receiving without giving,  blessed to be a blessing.

I receive it.

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