Dinner conversation

My dreams list includes long, lingering family dinners . . . . right now we have great meals that we tend to rush through cause we’re hungry and full of energy and activity! I have also noticed that many times David and I forget to take the time to invite interesting conversation that holds our kids attention around the table.

But one of our favorite evening rituals is to ask David, “what were the headlines today?” David is an avid news reader and thinks deeply about current events within the context of his surprisingly large knowledge of political, geographical and historical events and places. We all enjoy hearing him recount the top news of the day along with commentary usually brought on by me and the kids throwing questions at him hard and fast! I learn lots every day!

I also love to bring up images I have seen online. Last night we talked for a while about this one, and about welfare, medicare and debt. And a few days ago we viewed and discuss a photo journal of the five most dangerous places in the world for women to live . . . discussed burkas and riot police and carefully skipped over a few pictures of death and dismemberment. The last few days we have avidly discussed the North Korean plight and how much 150 calories a day really is, segmenting the small portion of our plate that represents how much North Koreans are rationed to right now. Sad and hard but also true and necessary. We have talked about the Somalian crisis (as seen in the NY Times) and about God’s promises to rescue captives and our involvement through intercession.

And tonight I have no doubt we’ll be looking through these photos, and talking, once again.

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