Creeks and Creating

The final day of our spring break, a Sunday, and we rested from church today and stayed home as a family to create and explore. I hauled the sewing machine out along with a stack of discarded clothing and a few tiny new pieces of fabric (yes, beauty inspires!) and set to work. This has been a year of conquering fears and of learning about myself, and this small task of creating is no exception. I come face to face with old nemisies; lies. I am quick to believe that “I can’t” sew beautiful things or that it can’t be fun. That anything difficult and time consuming and as-yet still unknown must mean pain and frustration and disappointment. So not true.

I take the whole day on sewing, time I perhaps don’t really have to “waste”. But how can we call such learning a waste? The learning that I “CAN” do anything I put my mind to. That I AM creative. That there are new ways to attack the old enemies – of fear and frustration. That perhaps I am a pattern-less sewer of beauty just as I am a recipe-less cook of delicious and nourishing foods. I cut the end off of an old Ugandan dress and turn it into a billowy belted shirt in the current fashion. I then sew the literal, “hem of my garment” into new napkins, pairing the vibrant white, purple and orange cotton with a soft recycled sacking towel, found at our local grain mill, and sew them into squares that will adorn our table for spring and for Easters to come. The colors of resurrection make my heart glad.

I sew Naomi a delightful little spring skirt which she prances around the house in as she and Quinn pair up with dancing (hers) and improv piano jazz (his) to create a dramatic ballet production which David films. Then on to hemming old jeans into new jean shorts with ribbon embellishments – she exclaims in happiness over the brown polka dot ribbon I have found in our sewing box for hers.

The kids spend the afternoon down in the creek behind our townhomes, with David and friends, swimming in the rushing water and catching “x-ray fish” and exploring. They return by early evening, flushed with joy and caked with mud for showers and cuddles and a recounting of adventures.

I recount my adventures too. Not all of the sewing was success, my pair of girly boxers didn’t even come close to working, but I learned important lessons along the way and am ready to buy another half yard of gorgeous fabric to try again – after all failure is only a stepping stone on the path to success.

And so the day ends, with fried chicken strips and onion rings and delicious crouton-filled salad and home made spearmint iced tea out on the patio. We say an alliterative prayer with today’s letter, “G”, thankfully easy! “God gives good and generous gifts gladly”

My smile is the amen.

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