Creativity through make up

For Christmas I bought her a set of one hundred and forty four eye shadow colors. She is eleven and a half. This is unusual because not only do I want her to stay a kid as long as possible; I don’t even wear much make up.

But I recognize that my daughter is an artist. A visual learner, she is stimulated and engaged by color, pattern and beauty. But she doesn’t draw or paint much. Instead each day she uses herself as a canvas . . . . often dressing in unusual and interesting combinations that draw admiration from her classmates, friends and even strangers. What that girl does with a scarf would amaze you! (Even if it is usually MY scarf.) 🙂

And so I bought her the set. Bought it beyond my concern of toxic chemicals because I couldn’t find any beautiful natural make up in lots of colors. Bought it beyond my dislike of all things grown up for this age set. I bought it because it falls right into my usual strategy – buy creative, imaginative play things which are outside of age, era or consumer interest; and watch my kids do amazing things.

The eye shadow has not disappointed me. That flat plastic palette of one hundred and forty four rainbow colors and shimmering neutrals is used daily and twice daily by my young artist. She arrives downstairs, appointed not garishly but creatively and artistically and often surprisingly; once again doing with color and pattern what others never think of.

She is an artist. And I can choose not just to get out of her way, but to show her the way forward into more explorations of beauty. I can let go of fear, preconceptions and others opinions. I can be her mom which is what God designed me for.

No rules, parents. Just RIGHT for you YOUR child.

Parenting with grace – it’s really, really good.

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  1. I love this, Annelise! It’s encouraging and inspiring as I grew up with a lot of rules, think I don’t want to do things the same way my parents did, but often find parenting very confusing. (Aren’t the rules a lot easier?)

    • Joanna, rules are so much easier in the short run!! As God heals my heart he is teaching me how to parent as He does. It is such an amazing experience when we are able to bless our children with freedom and honor, isn’t it? Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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