China Day 13: “Wo Ai Ni, China”

Here we are on the very last night of our stay in China. Tomorrow night we will be somewhere over the oceans as we sleep. It was only fourteen nights ago that we arrived in this beautiful country; but it feels like it’s been a lifetime. We are forever changed by this country, by her people and her indomitable spirit. This is a country of powerful warriors. A country of determination, focus, perseverance and great wisdom. This is a country of world changers; I am so proud to have become their friend.  Wo ai ni, Zhongguo; I love you, China.”

We shopped a little, for Qiao Qiao’s shoes from China. Played a lot in the hotel playground, discovering that she loves hide and seek. Ate a little and drank cold drinks on an exceptionally warm and muggy day. Mostly we wandered a local park famed for it’s beauty and history. A place with great spiritual significance in China, the site of the Five Rams statue, commemorating the supposed arrival of five celestial beings who brought food. For us, it was a treasure hunt with God as we saw Him bringing spring to this city, releasing the fragrance of heaven through flowers that seemed, overnight, to have budded and bloomed. We blessed people with healing, released angels ready to do good works, and experienced the magic of open heavens under archways. We walked, seven times, around the rams statue, blessing the city with the bread of life, with abundance, with freedom, with hope and with health. There was a sign, clearly posted, with an abundance of park rules. It included the admonition for no “superstitious activity” including burning incense. However, these activities were not superstitious but supernatural – a difference we duly noted as we laughed and played among the gardens.

We ate a quiet dinner of hot soup in the hotel, carefully choreographed by yours truly to follow very early showers, with the entire process to be finished up by an early bedtime. Instead, chaos broke loose at bedtime, as the three kids, side-by-side in their beds, all got the sillies. Qiao Qiao has been such an amazing sleeper, but it is good that she is becoming less well behaved, a sign of healthy security. She is a mischief maker, through and through. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. And as we are reading our bedtime books she sang out the words “bunny my honey” in broken English “Bunnie da honnie” in just the absolute cutest voice ever with the most impish grin on her face and I completely lost it. From then on, once she knew how to make me laugh, it was game over. Shouting and giggling by all ensued and I would just get them all quiet when she would whisper sing out from the end-bed “bunnie da honnie” again and we’d all lose it all over again. But in the end they are asleep, bags packed, ready for 5:30 in the lobby, a boxed breakfast and an early morning flight. I am so thankful for her joy.
We will leave on Thursday, China time and arrive in America on Thursday, even earlier than we left China, thereby successfully time traveling backward, kind of. And when we step onto American soil, Qiao Qiao will become an American citizen, by virtue of adoption citizenship laws. The Chinese call America “meiguo” meaning beautiful country. And we know why. Our beautiful America, we are coming. Get ready to meet your newest and most sparkling citizen, Ava Jing Qiao Pierce.




4 thoughts on “China Day 13: “Wo Ai Ni, China”

  1. May peace and quiet and undercurrent of joyful anticipation be your trip home (thinking of airplane sleeping). And there is a triumphant arrival ahead – praying and praying with joy, expecting His prevailing purposes to be emerge. Hooray!! Celebrating with you. thank you for inviting us to pray with you, walk with you, rejoice with you.

  2. We welcome you all back! Wept, laughed, mused and enjoyed at your salvation-log (a lot more than a travel log or travel-blog). The Lord bless all of you and give you peace as you travel home. See you soon! Tai chen!

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