Bonus: between the lines

It is 2 am and from the thirteenth floor I stare down at a mostly dark city.  Far below me I can see a man cross to his store front and stand there, leg jiggling, for long minutes.  I try to imagine him, what he is doing and thinking. One small solitary human in this great sea of 23 million Chinese within these city walls.   I release God’s love over him, feel it wash over me too.  A love, so vast and so intricate that it can encompass a nation of 1.7 billion, and  can see, know and touch a single heart.  This one man was worth waking up to pray for.  And me?  God is telling me I am important too – just one messenger among such a huge nation, and yet I am powerful, I am seen, I am known, I am loved and my love changes things.

We  pass one of the only beggars we have seen, a woman, severly disfigured by burn scars.  David speaks out his cheery American “ni hao!” and she pulls her tight scarred face up, transfigured into joy – he has surprised her with joy. And heaven touched earth.


I cross Tianemen square, smiling to every child I see, daring them, spirit-to-spirit to be all they were made to be.  I wave to a chubby cheeked baby in a blue snowsuit, his eyes mere slits in a sea of rosy warmth.  Crossing back fifteen minutes later his parents ask me to hold him for a picture – their baby, noticed by a foreigner.  He looks at me, curiously, and I melt love into him, love and hope and expectation.  That he will know Love and that Love will set him free to dream and to become.


It’s 9 pm and David heads out to a local convenience store for a necessity.   A woman approaches him offering him a good massage.  My sweet husband, propositioned for prositution for the first time in his fifty years.   Of course, being who he is, he prayed . . . . for her, for all the women she represents, for autonomy, for dignity, for hope for a better life.


This is the bonus track.  A few words between the lines of our daily experiences.  We are not only bodies but spirits – and Spirit is with us.