Mercy across miles

This week my purses from Heartline arrived and I went through them all and I picked the special one that I will keep and I began to wear it’s burlap glory out into the world.

My heart now speaks a name when I pick up my daily bag of books for my wanderings.  The name of it’s creator *.  I echo Venette’s name to our Creator.  And I am glad.  I walk alongside her daily, though I have never have walked in her shoes.

I will have a purse party in a few weeks, to share this glory with others; to share our wealth with a world of need.  Even buying can have purpose.  Christmas can be a season of conscious change . . . . of choices that are good for all.

Haiti is a tent world now; post disaster,  people survived.  They still survive, hanging on daily in their tent world, eking out daily water and food and cleanliness and comfort in the midst of a place we wouldn’t camp.

and now there’s cholera.

And now I’m crying.

Mercy across the miles makes my heart ache for women in a land so far away.

For the orphaned children who have already endured so much.

Thank Jesus I serve the God of Enough because I feel so very small.

But I will speak:

Mercy.  Hope.  Peace.  Joy. Thankfulness. Deliverance. Goodness. Rescue.

Where the Spirit of God is there is . . . . . . Life.

*(each bag is signed by the Haitian artist who designed/sewed it)