This post is part of “Five Minute Friday” . . . .

Look.  Listen.  When I am silent, in the woods, with the whooshing tree branches all around and above me, it is easy.  Then I stand in silent staring . . . looking and listening till I am drunk with the stillness. My heart, sated, in the resounding quiet.  I look hard when I am in the forest – look at each fungus, lifting it’s rounded head against the pine needles.  Look at each lichen, glowing florescent green in the crag of the dead tree across my path.

My finger, perpetually pointed, beckoning those with me to “look!”

But it is in the mad rush of the mornings, as I open two more brown paper bags and search the cupboards desperately for food that might be both nutritious AND appealing to the my ever-bigger-ones as they descend on their school lunch room with friends.  It is in those hurry-hurry moments, as I admonish my son to ” brush your hair!!! and your teeth!! Quickly!!  We’re going to be late!!” With all those exclamation points communicated in tone, borne, not of excitement but of the sheer terror of a tardy ticket.

Those are the moments.  The moments when I must remember to look.  At the mussy curls and the toasty chins.  And the sloppy grins which I have the power to wipe away.  Breathe.  Look. Listen.