A few years ago it was pancakes-as-big-as-your-face-Saturdays.  Now it’s noodle-soup-Sundays.  And just like we did with the pancakes, we go all out with the noodle soup.  Bok choy, chicken, green onions, cilantro, asian-style fried onions, hoisin and garlic chili sauces, rice noodles.  The works.  And Daddy cooks.  Every Sunday.  At least until we choose something else.

This is the thing with our traditions.  We have them . . . they just keep changing.  And the part of me that is always fighting to establish safety, security, and FAMILY, feels weird about that.

But that’s our life.  I read a post from my bestie Amy yesterday and realized that she’s found a positive and affirming way to capture this lifestyle that happens to be the same as the one we’ve chosen. She used the word “nimble” to describe their family’s way of life – which means to move quickly, easily or lightly.

Our lives center around this. We bought a house, conscious that it would be easy to rent or resell, and every change we make to it we make from that same consciousness.  We’ve settled our kids into schools but we consider new placements for them each year, making sure they’re still in the best place for this time in their life. We took jobs but we reevaluate them several times a year, always ready to pivot into what suits God’s plans and our hearts better.  We don’t mind taking in new stuff but we’re always letting go of the old.  Two cross-continental moves have made me eager to live lightly.  I always want to be able to easily move/liquidate my house in a day.   We are expectant and eager. We are flexible and forward thinking.  We are nomads.  But not the kind who spend only a day or a week in one place. We’re the kind who stretch out our tent pegs and settled in for a few years. But we don’t lose the nomad heart-set.  We’ve settled ourselves lightly on this ground.  Breathing in it’s best for however long we are called to.  Ready to walk away when a new wind blows.

So this is a step forward for me today.  Owning the truth that we’re really not fickle or flaky. That our ever changing lives, homes, and directions aren’t a result of a lack of direction or a failure to stay focused.  Because I know the truth about us.  We’re committed to being nimble.

We’ve learned to eat sombe and g-nut sauce for Thanksgiving.  And this year we’ll invite a whole bunch of Chinese friends over and eat dumplings and duck. And in between we’ve eaten microwave hostess meals and traditional turkey and whatever else.  Because we’re nimble.  Because we choose adventure over routine, people over things, passion over practicality.

*This title was shamelessly stolen from Amy’s blog post by the same name on the same topic. See link in post.