The value of a dream

“Dreams are wispy, ethereal things . . . like clouds in the sky they float by us, sometimes looking like one thing and sometimes like another. Sometimes they gather up in full force until the beauty turns to storm and then they rain on us, dampening our enthusiasm and our activity – unless we’ve learned to dance our way through.”

My husband had another birthday this week and we took off into the beautiful countryside to drink coffee, talk and read together. I remembered when I first met him and how tall and proud he stood in his Navy uniform – shaped so deeply by many years of leadership training in the military. He more than held his own in any intellectual discussion, those three degrees in science were mere paper-proof of the genius and tenacity that all of us saw, everyday. David has always been safe, reliable, and strong. He is predictably competent, always unafraid and curious amidst uncertainty.

I had it all with my husband. Since I married a man eighteen years older than me and quite a bit richer, I could have called him my sugar-daddy as well as my best friend. 🙂 He gave me unconditional love, finances, a big house and a perfect little family. We had a great balance of ministry and home-life and a full circle of wonderful friends.

Of course that was just before we dumped it all to go on our African adventure. And now?? Now my husband continues to walk away from that “perfect” life daily. We are not pursuing a career or buying a big house again. We are not even on the success track in ministry – we could be moving up and on in the world of overseas missionary life but instead we are biding our time in a tiny town in Northern California.

But my husband dreams now, God-dreams, the kind that wake you up and give you direction. The kind that tell you the future before it happens. The kind that shape your very perspective on life and inform you of how to walk through that specific day. And he shares those dreams with me. And we might laugh or cry over them but we both recognize the voice of God and our hearts are soft and we steer through life by following His words, daily.

Sometimes I feel like I gave up almost-everything simply to watch my husband dream with God. And it’s been totally worth it. Happy Birthday David!